Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to School Party

At the beginning of the summer, Sara bought a fun party magazine while shopping with Shannon that had all kinds of food ideas in it. We did not have a friend birthday party for the big kids this year because we were in Minnesota on Spring Break for their birthday so I asked them if they would like to have a back to school party. Of course I got a resounding "YES!!!" It was one long summer when they asked every week when their party was going to be!

We agreed that they could each invite 4 friends and they picked their invitations, plates, and napkins together. We looked thru the magazine several times before they finally agreed on which dessert we would make. Thankfully they loved my idea of being able to have each of their friends make their own pizzas and we threw in some carrot sticks and apple slices.

Unfortunately, only two friends for each of them were able to come but Adam and Sara remained excited. And six 2nd graders is still enough running around! We searched for ideas of things to do online and came up with the idea to do five "Minute to Win It" games.

First up was the Marshmallow Game--using pencils for chopsticks, how many mini marshmallows can you transfer from one plate to another in 1 minute? This one turned out to be very difficult. Only 2 kids really excelled at it.

The next game was Suck It--using a straw to suck an M&M up to it, transfer them from one plate to another. What a great idea, until you have a little brother that keeps walking around stealing them!

The third game was Scoop It--using a spoon in your mouth, scoop a ball out of one container and transfer it to another. Shannon showed them how to do it and all the kids struggled except Adam! I love the look of determination on his face! Notice that Evan is now strapped in his high chair so he stays out of the marshmallows and M&Ms!

The fourth game was Squirt It--they had to use a squirt gun to propel a matchbox car and the one who got it the farthest in a minute won! If only Evan would stop walking off with the car!

The last game of the night was Bucket Dash--transfer water from one bucket to another with a sponge. There were just a few points separating first place from third so the winner of this last game could change the overall Grand Prize winner who was going to get a Dairy Queen gift card. It was fun to see the kids root each other on.

Once they were thoroughly worn out, it was time to head inside and make their pizzas. I wish I would have had a picture of 6 kids lined up at my counter all making their own unique pizza but it was pretty chaotic!

Lastly, for dessert the kids chose a lady bug cake! It was super fun to make with them and a big hit with all the kids.

Everything went surprisingly well. Adam and Sara had so much fun having their friends over. It was certainly nice hearing lots of laughter as everyone ran around in the back yard. We may have started a new tradition!