Tuesday, November 17, 2015

First lost tooth

Sara has been working on wiggling her first loose tooth. For weeks. Probably about 6.

4 weeks ago the new tooth started popping thru behind it. She has really been trying hard to get that old tooth out. For the past week it seemed like it was barely hanging on. Two different nights I twisted it and pulled as hard as I could, which made her cry. She finally asked me to call the dentist and have it pulled.

We went to the dentist this morning and she was sure if we waited a few more weeks that it would fall out on its own. I asked Sara what she wanted to do and she wanted the dentist to go ahead and pull it. I think she knew how much it was hanging on more than we did.

The dentist numbed the area with a topical ointment, sure that it would take a simple yank and out it would come. She tugged and tugged. Sara started wiggling her feet, which is her sign that her pain tolerance level has been reached. She asked for something else to help with the pain so the dentist gave her a shot in the area to numb it. More tugging and it still wouldn't come out. She finally had to get a forcep tool to grab onto it. The dentist admitted she was wrong and the tooth was attached much more than she thought.

Sara was so happy to have it over with! She got a little container for her tooth and took it to school to show everyone.

You can't even hardly tell there is a hole there because the new tooth was up so far.

Now to start working on the tooth next to it that is barely wiggly but the new one is also already poking thru.