Thursday, July 23, 2015

Swimming, Swinging, Speedway, and Special Treats

After Sara's blood draw we came back to the hotel so Evan could get a much needed nap. Shannon stayed in the room and caught up on some things while I took the kids to the pool. They thought it was so neat they had the entire pool to themselves.

The loved going down the slide and having a splashing contest.

Sara went down the bigger water slide twice but I couldn't get Adam to go down. Hopefully before we leave. After we swam for an hour we went outside to warm up and dry off.

Apparently Sara was leading some kind of exercise program but Adam got bored with it and just started running laps around the basketball court!

I love my little man with the deep brown eyes!

And this little pillar of strength and goofiness and princess rolled all into one!

After swimming we had a picnic lunch in the hotel room and then left to go to a huge playground. And this photo is only about half of what was there!

Adam quickly made a friend and spent the next hour running all over pretending they were good guys on the train, fighting the bad guys who had set the train on fire!

Sara found a group of girls, as well.

And Evan got some play time on the blanket with Dad.

We packed up and headed for dinner at a great burger joint and came back to the hotel early so Evan could go to bed. Shannon took the big kids to a go cart place to race around the track a few times. They thought that was pretty cool. Then they topped the night off  with stopping for ice cream. I think we thoroughly wore them out today and will be taking it easy tomorrow.

Evan fell asleep at 6pm but was up an hour later. It took us about 2 hours to finally get him all the way calm to stay asleep. Please pray I get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight! He is really struggling with being away from his normalcy of home.

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