Saturday, July 25, 2015

Laid back vacation Friday

Yesterday was a bit of a more laid back day. Evan started with a little toe snack before breakfast. I think he just likes showing off his flexibility.

Shannon took the big kids to the breakfast buffet, which has been fantastic for options. Eggs, hasbrowns, 2 kinds of sausage patties, 2 kinds of bagels, bread, English muffins, fruit, yogurt, waffles, oatmeal (with brown sugar, raisins, walnuts), 3 kinds of muffins (our favorite, of course, has been the cream cheese chocolate/chocolate chip), 5 kinds of cereal, juice, and milk.

While Shannon got the kids ready for swimming, Evan had breakfast in his new travel high chair. I quickly ordered this 2 days before we left for vacation and we have used it a lot. My cousin Emily always has the coolest stuff that I then steal her idea and buy one for myself. I think we will keep it in the trunk at home, as well. Have you ever looked at how filthy wood high chairs are in restaurants? It really is disgusting. 

Evan finished breakfast and then headed for pool time with Dad! He really loves the water, especially the lounging part. He has a killer froggy kick!

After swimming for a bit I took Sara for her ultrasound. The boys did an early lunch and relaxed with some quiet time while Evan took a nap. When Sara and I returned mid-afternoon, Evan was just waking up. Adam had been dying to try out his new sling shot so he took his handmade target and we headed outside. He really surprised me with how good he was!

Sara is always on the lookout for various nature finds and celebrated success with this clipping from a bush and a feather.

For dinner we drove to a local family farm that was doing a Brick Oven Pizza Night made fresh from the ingredients they had harvested that year. It was delicious! And the kids had fun, too.

All the animals were friendly…sometimes a little too friendly! We decided maybe this cat kept visiting us because it was Oreo’s long-lost relative.

The big kids were very confused why there were chickens roaming around. And then this goat wandered by. Apparently he is 1 year old and still escapes thru the fence opening he discovered last year. But then he snacks on too much grass and his belly gets too fat to fit back thru!

These geese kept following us and begging for food.

Adam thought the bearded goats were neat. They look deep in conversation!

We topped off the evening with some pony rides. Sara had a hard time choosing which horse to ride on until she heard this one was named Princess! She had quite the hair.

Adam rode on Spike. I liked his white eyelashes. Every now and then Adam would take his pointer finger and give him a little scratch on his mane. Apparently that was Adam’s version of petting him. Spike was a little stubborn and kept stopping for a break.

Everyone went right to bed when we got back. Sara got up at 7:45 and said, “Mom I can’t sleep any more.” Okay! Evan didn’t wake until 4:45 and then went right back to sleep until 8. That was the best sleep I have gotten in a month! He has slept thru the night since Christmas but the past number of weeks his sleep was interrupted and I was getting up 1 or 2 more times in the middle of the night with him. In Minnesota he has been up every hour or 2. I was so thankful for a good night of rest.

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