Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 2 at Mayo Clinic

Sara started the morning with no food and collecting all her urine in a large orange container--such interesting normalcies for a 6 year old. I think this is her fourth 24 hour urine test so we are very familiar with the routine, except we have done it at home on a weekend in the past and not on vacation where we have to carry a collection system and container of urine around with us all day! She started the day by disposing of her urine because that was essentially made in the 24 hours prior, and then she has to pee into a "hat" container every time after that until her first morning urine tomorrow morning. If we miss anything or it gets contaminated, we have to start all over.

We loaded up a whole lotta stuff (each of the kids had a back pack and thermos, my thermos, stroller, diaper bag, bag of toys, picnic blanket, laptop bag, and wheeled suitcase with Sara's urine collection items) and headed for her 9:30am appointment for a blood draw. When we left Mayo Clinic last night at 7pm after dinner, the building was completely empty and the elevators to the parking deck were almost locked! This morning it was such a hustle and bustle of people it felt like a small city inside a building. A rush of people were everywhere yet at the same time a large group was paused in front of the piano again, enjoying a moment of peace for your soul. A volunteer was around every corner to offer help and on more than one occasion they remembered us!

Back on the 16th floor, I was able to take more photos of the last waiting area we were in last night. I am still in awe as I walk thru some sections of the building. I am 41 years old and I feel like a little kid!

The TV screen was actually a touch screen that you could select from a variety of informational shows about animals--turtles, monkeys, etc. Way better than just vegging out to cartoons.

Sara's blood draw went smooth and they wrapped gauze around it rather than putting a band aid on that pulls all your arm hair off when you remove it later. I wish our hospital at home would do change to that!

Afterwards Sara got to pick where to go for breakfast since she hadn't eaten yet and we all were happy she chose Dunkin Donuts! We sat outside. They had a few blocks of the street blocked off for vendors to sell items and music was going to be playing throughout the day.

We did learn upon arriving for the day that we have a follow up scheduled with Dr. Granberg, the urologist, on Tuesday at 8:45am. And then we see Dr. Sas again that afternoon at 3pm.

We talked with Dr. Sas and his assistant quite a bit throughout the day today, as well as exchanged emails. We learned that the CD of images (x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scan, etc.) was never sent from our local hospital because the radiology department did not get the request. I completed the form exactly as I was told but the records department did not forward it to radiology. We were ready to request them to overnight a CD but instead the woman asked if we just wanted them sent over electronically thru something similar to an inner hospital network process. Perfect! Thanks, God! Now Dr. Sas has every piece of Sara's medical history that has ever been done.

We have another visit to Mayo tomorrow for a 12:45 renal ultrasound--jelly on the belly as we call it.

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