Monday, July 27, 2015

CT scan, etc.

We had to be at St. Mary's Hospital for Sara's CT scan at 8:30 this morning, with two 6 year olds who were up past 9:30 the night before and a 10 month old. Shockingly, it went much better than I thought it would and actually right according to the plan Shannon and I had worked out (except for the 2 extra times that Evan pooped but hey...)

While in the waiting room I read the kids a few books and the tech came for the scan. She saw there was 1 parent and 2 children and gave me a look so I quickly said "Dad is changing the baby and will be right back." There were specific instructions that siblings were not to come along unless supervision was available. She lightened up and took both the kids into the CT room so they could see how the machine worked. She even let Sara push the buttons to raise the table up and down. She thought that was pretty neat!

Shannon came back and finished feeding Evan some yogurt and hung out with Adam while Sara and I went in for the scan. They rolled up big towels to put at her sides so she kept her hands above her head, strapped her in with a gigantic velcro "seat belt", and covered her with a warm blanket. Then they practiced taking a deep breath and holding it until she told her to let it back out. I donned my radiation vest. In less than 5 minutes Sara was done and receiving 3 pink toys since she said her favorite color is pink. This homemade bear made by a volunteer team was really neat and Sara named her Isabelle. She is a great size for a travel pillow, too!

In other news, Mayo Clinic offers a website where you can set up a patient account. You can see lab results, pathology and radiology results, prescriptions, your medical can send messages to the doctor and even see his notes from each of your visits. It is so cool! We have already been able to read Dr. Sas' report from our visit last week, see Sara's results from her blood and urine tests, and today they posted the notes from her ultrasound as well as all the images. And yes, there is even an app for that for your phone!

The written notes from the ultrasound are quite interesting and already give us an inside peek at some of what we will be discussing with the doctors tomorrow. Because they had Sara's historical images, the radiology doctor was able to compare this ultrasound with her last one in January. The parenchymal thinning was noted, which we were aware of. That means the meat of the kidney/outer layer is thin.

It was also noted that "Right kidney: Again seen, several obstructing renal calculi, measuring

approximately 0.5 mm in diameter." Oddly, the written document indicates the size is 0.5 mm but the image itself has a measurement tool drawn in and a note that it is 0.5 cm so we will have to ask which is correct for the right side. Also, "Left kidney: There are several obstructing renal calculi including a
1.5 x 1.3 cm calculus in the interpole left kidney. This is
increased in size since 01/23/2015." Considering that the length of the kidney is 9.3 cm, that is a huge stone. It takes up over 15% of the length of the kidney. To see it noted on the actual image of the ultrasound is crazy!

Very excited to meet with the doctors tomorrow. I have lost count how many times I have been told "I don't know. She's a medical mystery." Hoping and praying and trusting we are right where we need to be to solve the mystery.

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