Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cancel that surgery!

About 6 weeks ago we scheduled a consultation with Sara's pediatric urologist to touch base and see where we go from here. It did not go well and I got so upset I left his office crying and feeling very dejected. More on that another time.

In preparation for the visit, I requested that Sara get an x-ray to check on the progress of her kidney stones since she had started her new medication. The last thing I expected to hear was that she was trying to pass a stone. It measured approximately 3mm and was in her ureter.

We got a repeat x-ray 2 weeks later to see if there was any movement. I was certain she had passed it because she had one day that she was very "off". She didn't eat her lunch at school, refused dinner, and was very whiny with Shannon. She went to her spring concert at school and participated completely with no issues. When she came in the back door, she said she was hungry. Or maybe that she didn't feel well. Heat her some dinner. Or maybe she felt like she could throw up. Well, which is it? I finally heated her some dinner. Her response was to take 1 bite and throw up in her dinner plate. Multiple times until I was running for some kind of container. The next day she ran a very low fever and then was back to her normal self. Unfortunately, the x-ray a few days later showed the stone stubbornly remained.

Another 2 weeks went by and Dr. Rhee felt it was time to schedule a procedure to have the stone removed. A cystoscopy/ureteroscopy was originally scheduled for last Thursday. However, I called the doctor back and asked if we could postpone one week because Sara was in her final days of school and it didn't seem worth it to miss so close to the end. Since she was not having any pain or complications, they agreed. The surgery was scheduled for this Thursday, as in tomorrow.

We sat down as a family on Sunday and told Sara and Adam what would be going on. Sara's response? "I passed the stone, Mama." "You did? When?" "I don't know. One night last week when you and Dad were in the kitchen." I told her we would keep praying and check on it with an x-ray before surgery.

Yesterday I left work early to take her to the hospital for the x-ray. They had her previous image up for comparative purposes with an arrow pointing to the stone in the ureter. One of the technicians made a comment that she had never seen so many stones in a child before. That's always comforting. I left frustrated. I couldn't see anything on the x-ray because the image wasn't very good on the older machine.

It turns out that wasn't the reason. I couldn't see anything because it wasn't there! Sara was right--she had passed the stone. The doctor's office called today to cancel tomorrow's surgery!

How she can pass a 3mm stone with no pain is beyond me but that is typical for Sara.

I spent all day walking on air with excitement, sharing the news with everyone I came in contact with! I called Sara on the phone from work and told her the news. She said "Yay...what are we going to do tomorrow instead?"

"We are going to have a day of fun, baby girl!"