Sunday, March 8, 2015

One more med for Sara

The results came back on Sara's recent 24 hour urine test. We had to collect all of her urine in a 24 hour period and send in a sample of it. Then they ran a full array of tests on it to check her kidney function.

For the first time there is calcium showing up in her urine, which means her body is not fully processing all of her calcium properly. Sounds familiar from our conversation with Dr. Nguyen at the beginning of February!

To help with that she will now be taking a third medication that is a diuretic called Diuril. This is also the medicine that Dr. Nguyen wanted her to start taking! We are having her take it in the morning as it can cause her to have to go to the bathroom more often.

A side effect of this medicine is that it can lower her potassium levels, which can further affect kidney function. We will do blood work in a month to check her levels.

Sara's urine output was also a little lower than he would like. It is probably plenty compared to most kids her age but she needs a sufficient amount to keep her kidneys flushed. Thankfully, her kindergarten teacher is a great partner. Sara takes a 12oz thermos to school. She needs to drink 1 before lunch, 1 with lunch, and 1 in the afternoon. Plus 6oz of juice with breakfast, 6-10oz of milk with dinner, and more water that she asks for at home. Holy smokes! She is probably drinking more water than some adults.

We are still anxiously awaiting the genetic test results from Mayo Clinic. Once those come back we will schedule a consultation with Sara's urologist to discuss a plan of action.