Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving at home. A little parade watching, a little dog show watching. And we relaxed by the fire.

I made a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, corn casserole, marshmallow fluff, and pumpkin bars. My mom made a jello salad that was a big hit with the kids. The meal was great and the dining room table wasn't scattered with Legos, Christmas sale ads, and craft projects! Both kids said they liked the table clean and asked if we could keep it that way!

Before we dug in, the kids reminded us that we had to go around the table and say something we were thankful for. I have always thought that sounded like a great idea but have never done it. Sara was in charge and decided the order of who was speaking. Adam was first--he was thankful for our house, which makes sense because we have about 10 drawings of our house hung on various walls right now. She chose my mom to go next and she was thankful for 3 grandchildren that are healthy. Then it was my turn. I was already feeling emotional over mom's comment. I was thankful that we were now a family of five and God brought us Evan. Dad? He was thankful for a house full of family. And finally Sara. She was thankful for Ivy, our dog, and Muffin who continues to get to nap in heaven.

Another thing I am thankful for is Sara's health. She had a visit a few days ago with Dr. Gordillo, her Pediatric Nephrologist, to check in on her kidneys. They had done a full blood work up and urinalysis the week before. She was such a rock star when they drew her blood. She watched the needle go in and didn't flinch or cry. She just amazes me. Everything looks great and her kidneys continue to function well. There is no protein in her urine, she is not anemic, her blood pressure remains in a very healthy range, she is growing, and she is gaining weight. All factors that we continue to watch as signs that her kidneys would begin to fail. She has actually grown 1 5/8" since her last appointment in April and gained 3 lbs. She has grown 3" over the past year! That is quite impressive for her considering that her growth had stopped when her kidneys were filled with kidney stones before her Boston surgery. This appointment was the most she has ever talked to Dr. Gordillo. Usually she says she is going to ask him questions and then she gets shy and backs out. But this time, she told him all about how she tripped on the way to the bus, put holes in both knees of her pants, and we are going to cut them off above the knee to make shorts. She is to continue her daily blood pressure medication and antibiotics and go back in 6 months. Both kids have renal ultrasounds scheduled for January.

I am also incredibly thankful for this little guy. Evan hung out in a chilled environment at 5 days of life for 6 years until we were able to rescue him. Going thru the infertility process is on the list of one of the most difficult things I have had to endure. It takes an extreme amount of commitment for doctor appointments and injections, not to mention the emotional roller coaster. Our family of five is now complete!

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