Sunday, November 2, 2014

2nd trip to the hospital

After spending a few days in the hospital and being released, I was pretty miserable at home. Contractions off and on, painful to walk because I was holding so much water from the IVs, very little sleep. For 2 days I suffered thru and either Shannon or my mom was always with me. Shannon's parents came on Wednesday to visit for Grandparents activities at Adam and Sara's school. They spent the day helping with laundry, getting the nursery ready, putting together the stroller, installing the car seat, and fixing some things around the house.

Thursday morning Shannon dropped everyone off at school early for the Grandparents event.When he got home, I told him my contractions were worse and I thought we should head back to the hospital. We made arrangements for my neighbor to pick up the Grandparents and headed back to OSF. For the 2nd time in less than a week. No surprise that the staff remembered me and said "Weren't you just here not too long ago?"

While they confirmed the contraction were intense, they just weren't affecting my body and there was no change in my dilation. Still 2-3cm but thin so when things do progress, they will do so quickly.

I was so upset when they sent me home again. I was absolutely miserable  and had no idea when I should head to the hospital if that wasn't the right time. That was September 25.

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