Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Short hospital stay

Saturday early afternoon I was at our semi-annual twin sale helping with a light duty task while seated. I got up to go to the bathroom and felt a sharp pain in my lower belly.  The pain kept getting worse and I was barely able to drive myself home. An hour later Shannon and my cousin Emily got home. After not being able to get myself off the couch to walk to the bathroom and shaking with chills, I finally conceded to a trip to the ER. They took me right to the Labor and Delivery floor. I was running a fever and in unbearable pain. An ultrasound revealed the baby was just fine and there was no impact on my cervix. However, I was having contractions 1 minute apart and could not tell at all. They started an IV for fluids and antibiotics, drew blood, and got me ready for a room in Antepartum. Epic fail for the first nurse trying to put in the IV. I finally had to cut her off after she rooted around in my arm for the vein she couldn't find for quite some time.

Unfortunately, it was a teeny room with a roommate. The worst part was that she ordered in extra spicy Thai food for dinner that stunk up the whole room. Kudos to the nurse who got me a fan to be pointed out the door to help clear the smell.

They pushed Tylenol trying to get my fever down and kept the IV fluids going throughout the night. Not enough fluid to make me have to go to the bathroom. Yeah, right. Every hour or two I was calling for the nurse. It took both her and Shannon to get me out of bed and help me walk to the bathroom. I was in tears the pain was so bad. Contractions were still 2-3 minutes apart and I was feeling them less than half the time. At least I got to enjoy breakfast in the morning.

Sunday morning my ob, Dr. Kindred, rounded to check on me. I had gone from a closed cervix to dilated to 2-3 and very thin in less than 24 hours. They moved me to a Labor and Delivery room immediately, expecting Baby Mo would come that day. All food and liquid was stopped and the IV fluids were increased. They didn't want me to have a full belly in case I delivered. A terrible stab to my thigh welcomed the first sterroid shot to help with his lung development. Contractions remained 2-3 minutes apart until Sunday night when I decided to have some IV pain meds to help me sleep. Thankfully late Sunday night the original pain in my lower belly subsided greatly and I could get out of my bed and walk on my own. The nurse said my contractions were improving, which meant 2-5 minutes apart. How is that improving? My unexplainable fever finally broke. I also got the 2nd nasty steroid shot. Rather than the standard 24 hours apart, they administered them 12 hours apart just in case.

Monday morning Dr. Kindred rounded again. He was shocked that I didn't deliver. Contractions were 2-8 minutes apart and there was no change to my cervix in the past 24 hours. He ordered the IV be stopped, allowed me to eat breakfast, and suggested I move around a little more to see what happened. He was considering discharging me. "The baby will come quickly with the condition of your cervix so just pay attention to your contractions." Now how am I supposed to do that when I have been saying I can't tell I'm contracting? Talk about making me nervous. Basically we are making sure I am not left alone. I enjoyed breakfast, took a shower, and they decided around noon to discharge me. Then I waited over an hour and a half for an electronic signature to authorize my discharge. They finally just let me go.

Instead of coming home with a baby, I came home with these beauties...10 pounds of weight gain in my legs from the IV fluid. Painful and very difficult to walk.

I had a follow up OB appointment this morning. Weekly appointments from here on out. Limited activity for 2 weeks so we can try to make it to 36 weeks and avoid NICU time. Suggested something else for my heartburn that is awful--or what's another word for awful? Sleep inclined. The swelling will go down in my feet but probably very slowly. Lay flat and elevate my feet above my heart. So one position helps my feet and the other position makes me feel like throwing up from the heartburn. Choices, choices!

As for Baby Mo, here he is...

Can you see his face looking right at you on the right side?

He continues to measure 3 weeks ahead and is about 7lb 7oz right now. Holy cow!

The amniotic band is completely gone--woo hoo!

I can't end this post without saying a big thank you to my mom. When I left the house Saturday, she took care of everything with no questions and no complaints. Feeding and wrangling the kids, handling bedtime, keeping them entertained, packing school lunch, getting them ready for school and on the bus, cooking dinner, etc. It makes for a long day and she certainly isn't used to getting up at 6:30am. Thanks mom for your selfless sacrifice to step up when I have needed it.

Also to my most awesome neighbor who went grocery shopping and tag-teamed getting the kids ready for school with my mom. It made for a much smoother transition without any meltdowns!

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Heather said...

He looks beautiful, but what a rough few days! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is full-term and less exciting. Hang in there.