Friday, September 12, 2014

Our first shoe tie-r!

Finding Adam shoes that do not tie is a challenge. His feet are so big that the size typically has laces--he is wearing a 13 now. With him going to school, I felt like it was time to learn how to tie on his own. Over the past month I would teach him more and more of the steps as we had time and patience. He wears flip flops so much in the summer that it wasn't very often he even had tennis shoes on. A few weeks ago we finally got to the point that he really could do it on his own but he didn't have much confidence or it wouldn't be very tight. One day before running errands I was trying to encourage him to do it but he just wasn't having it. He did part of one shoe and then whined for me to do the other one. I refused, which led to a huge meltdown. He walked outside to get in the car with one laced and the other dragging behind him in the wet grass screaming at me. Once he got in the car he undid the only shoe that was tied and kicked them both off his feet. Mean mom that I am, I made him get out of the car, put his shoes back on, and tie them.

Where were we headed? Shoe shopping of all things! He tried his first pair on at the store and I told him I wanted him to tie them and I was going to stand behind him and not look to see if he could do it. He finished it up and was grinning from ear to ear, so proud of himself, as I gave him a big high five. The next day, he got himself dressed for school upstairs and came down with shoes on and they were already tied! Now tell me, what was the point of that melt down the day before?

He is concentrating so hard! I can't believe how big he looks in these pictures!

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