Thursday, September 11, 2014


Since the kids aren't in the same Kindergarten classroom, they typically do not bring home the same papers each day. But this day they both brought home the same exercise on the number 10. I was reviewing Adam's paper and he did very well except for his tally marks. I kind of laughed that his "Draw 10 objects" were 10 ovals that he colored in.

Then I switched to Sara's page and started belly laughing out loud! Her "Draw 10 objects" are very different from Adam's. It is such a good example of how different they are!

Yes, if you count, there are 10 items in her box - 2 asterisks, 3 smiley faces, and 5 girl figures. Sara is getting so creative and detailed about her drawings lately. And 80% of the time, her school page she brings home has some kind of drawing on the back.

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