Friday, August 8, 2014

Vacation Bible School

The kids were so excited to participate in Vacation Bible School again this year and had been asking all summer when it was going to start. Of course it was one of the weeks I was on total bedrest so I couldn't go see any of the decorations when picking up and dropping off. My neighbor had to drive them on the night Shannon was teaching a night class. Mom stayed late each day to help with dinner and getting them wrangled for each of the themes.

These pictures from Super Hero Night just crack me up! Sara wanted to be Wonder Woman. Adam wanted to be Captain America. We did our best with random supplies from home.

Then it was Mismatch Night. It's hard to see from the photo that Sara has vertical pin stripe shorts on. They both picked their own outfits.

And Wacky Hair Night!

Every night they flew thru the door to tell me what they talked about, a new button they got, the games they played, and the "snack" they were offered. It was a mad dash for Shannon to get them into bed because they were so exhausted they couldn't even function since it was 2 hours beyond their normal bedtime. Thus, it was also nap week!

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