Friday, August 1, 2014

Out of the mouths...

The kids say so many things that make me laugh or seem much older than they are, it's hard to remember and record them. Here's just a few that have made me giggle lately.

Yesterday we were checking Sara's flower box to see if the flowers needed a drink. After finding her watering can and noticing it had mulch and dirt in the bottom she said "There's still all this crap in it!" I paused for a moment and asked her to repeat what she said. Yep, that's what she meant to say. My mom was quietly giggling to herself even though Sara probably learned the word and correct connotation from her as I was explaining that was not a word Sara got to use.

A few weeks ago the kids were in the bathroom as I was using some mouthwash out of a brand new bottle. As soon as it got in my mouth, I was screaming with my mouth closed and finally had to spit it out. Adam asked what was wrong and I told him the new bottle Dad bought was really spicy. Adam said "You better get used to it, Mom...Dad bought a really big bottle."

My mom is a little hard of hearing and it doesn't help when the kids talk fast or mumble a little. Instead of just asking them to repeat themselves and slow down, sometimes she makes a ridiculous guess of what they said. Recently Sara got frustrated and told her emphatically "Grandma, you don't hear very well--you need a hearing test!"

While I always have cute stories to tell, I also have to document officially that it is not always a picnic with these two. They have their moments of drama and not being sweet or cute. In fact, Adam and Sara when you are reading this down the road, know that we have gone thru some very trying days lately. Sara can act like she is about 15 with an eye roll, hand on hip, and glare that goes along with a disrespectful tone that expects everyone to do things for her. Then when she is mad she will either stomp off or bang her hand on the table while glaring at me. Or give me a tone when she declares "I said I didn't want that."

As for Adam, he can be sweet one minute giving me a kiss and 15 seconds later he is upstairs tackling Sara and "roaring" loudly in her face. If I tell him to do something he isn't interested in lately he will blatantly tell me no and storm out of the house, crying because he didn't get his way. He just seems to have moments the past few weeks where he is totally out of control. Last night I told him his behavior was disrespectful and unacceptable and if it continued all his stuffed animals, including his beloved blankie were coming down out of his bed for bedtime. His response? He stuck his tongue out at me. Needless to say he was not happy I followed thru with my warning. Then we spent the next hour listening to him pound on his wall, kick and scream and cry, complaining that his bed was so uncomfortable. In fact he just came in the house crying telling me one story and Shannon corrected him that he was hitting Sara over the head with a baseball bat! Hopefully we can figure something out soon to hit his reset button before he gets expelled from Kindergarten in the first week!

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