Monday, August 18, 2014

Miniature golf

A few weeks ago we decided to have some family time by playing miniature golf. It made me laugh when the kids came downstairs dressed because they wanted to match what Shannon and I were wearing.

Sara didn't think it sounded very fun because it was golf but once we got there, she changed her mind.

They especially liked the holes with the water features. I'm not sure how many balls we dug out of the water on this hole. Then when Adam discovered he wasn't hitting it hard enough, he really smacked it and sent it over the ramp and thru the trees.

This one was pretty fun because it had a cave at the end, although Sara didn't really want to go in there because she claimed it was too dark.

The weather was perfect that morning--not too hot. It even started sprinkling at one point and the kids thought we should leave right away. How come when they are home they want to go out and play in the rain but if we are out, they don't feel the same way?

We had a great time and I look forward to many more fun little outings.

They really did a great job and even got some in the holes with just a few shots.

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