Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Last night we had a supply drop off and meet the teacher time. Both the kids agreed that we could all go to Adam's classroom first. His teacher is Mrs. Felix and he was very excited to distribute his supplies to the different areas of the classroom.

I couldn't believe the rooms actually have a smart board in them for Kindergarten!

Shannon and I made the decision early in the summer to let the kids be assigned to the teacher or teacher(s) the school chose. Some parents of multiples feel strongly about keeping their children together, for various reasons. We felt like Adam and Sara would be fine in the same classroom, but they would also be fine in separate classrooms. We have had them do quite a few things independently. They still have a strong twin bond but we encourage them as individuals. Sara can have a tendency to be bossy and sometimes Adam doesn't let Sara do something on her own because he thinks he can do it better. There is also a tendency when you have twins that many things are a competition or a comparison. We thought this would help them be individuals.

Off we went directly across the hall to Sara's classroom and to meet Mrs. Brown. Sara was excited her room was decorated with an ocean theme. Remember that comparison comment? Adam was disappointed that his room was just plain! Sara had to fill out a scavenger hunt sheet, finding various important areas in the room, to earn a prize.

Today was their first day of Kindergarten. They were both up at 6:15 and ready for me to get them breakfast. We moved thru our morning routine quickly with no meltdowns and had plenty of time for pictures before heading to the bus stop. I know for sure not every day will go as smoothly as today!

They ran down the driveway ahead of me. It was neat to see them experiencing the same thing for the first time together. Adam stopped along the way and wanted to pick a pretty purple weed that was blooming for his bus driver but he couldn't get it pulled off the stem.

This is my absolute favorite picture and is such a good depiction of how Adam has been protective of Sara and watched over her since they were babies. When they were around 1 and had moved to separate cribs, he would stand in his crib, waiting for Sara to be put to bed. Once she was tucked in, then he would lay down. Once they saw the bus coming (7 minutes early!) Adam said "Come on Sara" and walked her to the door. I waved to them and got a little choked up as I yelled have a good day. I am so excited for them to start this next phase of their life!

I didn't really know what time the bus would drop them off since it was a half day but I calculated it based on the bus stop route we received. I was certainly caught off guard when I saw the bus thru the front door 10 minutes earlier than I was expecting! I hurried down the driveway and the bus driver was hesitant to let the kids off but the neighbor waiting for her kids convinced her that I was coming.

They had a great day with lots of exciting stories to tell. The only downfall was that someone bit Sara on the arm I think during recess. The marks were still red with every tooth defined as we ate lunch. She treated it like no big deal but I called the school to inquire about the situation and what to do.

We ate an early dinner and they were tucked in bed at 6:30. Tomorrow is their first full day--I wonder how exhausted they will be!

And I received a nice little anonymous gift to brighten my day - thanks, friend, whoever you are!

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Adonna Stueckradt said...

I can't believe they're in school already. :(