Tuesday, August 26, 2014

K Tales

Last week was our first week of Kindergarten and it seemed like every day there was some kind of story that we had no idea how much of it was true! Shannon said the parents in each of the classes need a private Facebook page so we can compare stories!

Tuesday was the first day of school and it was a half day. During lunch, I noticed a bite mark on Sara's arm. Sara told me it happened on the playground and she was trying to climb a tall tower to a slide and then a boy wanted to go down the slide at the same time so he bit her. She said only her class is on the playground at a time so it must have been a boy in her class. Being a new mom to school-age kids, I didn't want to overact but at the same time I wanted to find out if there was anything we needed to do about it. I checked in with the teacher the next day and she talked to Sara about it. Sara also told her that it happened on the playground. However, they did not go on the playground that day. Then Sara said it happened on the bus on the way home. But Sara's teacher rode her bus to help with kid patrol and she sat directly behind Sara and nothing happened. So we are dismissing it as a big question mark and just telling Sara the next time something like that happens she needs to tell a teacher right away.

Wednesday was the first day the kids took their lunch. They had decided they wanted to buy a milk at school to go with their lunch. I told them I had put money in an envelope and the teacher would take care of getting it turned in. When they got home I asked if they got a milk. Adam had looked all over in his backpack and couldn't find the money I left him so he was quite upset that he couldn't get a milk. I explained again that I gave it to the teacher so he didn't have to worry about it. He needed to try again the next day.

Sara did get a white milk. However, one of the other kids said it tasted like eggs and that was enough to make up her mind. We talked about how that was silly and she shouldn't believe what other kids say. The milk tasted like eggs and there was no changing her mind. Adam thought that was ridiculous and he was going to try a milk the next day.

Thursday, the story continues. Sara refused to get a milk, well, because it tasted like eggs. Adam got a chocolate milk and verified that it did not taste like eggs. The next day he was going to try white.

Adam was also struggling to find a friend. He is just so social that he has a strong pull to find a buddy right away. He told me he had asked everyone in his class if they would be his friend and everyone said no because they already had a friend. Some of them even ignored him and just walked away. He asked each person if they could just have a second friend but no one agreed. I tried to tell him it might take more than a few days but he was still disappointed. I'm sure he will keep trying.

On the milk front, Friday arrives and Adam tries to get a milk. They told him he couldn't because he didn't have a hot lunch ticket. But he didn't need a hot lunch. He must have sweet talked someone because he says he got another chocolate milk and I wasn't charged Thursday or Friday. He did confirm, still, that the chocolate milk does not taste like eggs.

Then the weekend hit and I passed my cold along to both the kids. I had been sick for a week, with it now settling into my chest and exhausting me so much I had days that I was taking 2 naps of over 2 hours each and still felt like I couldn't even get off the couch. Battling runny noses, terrible coughs, and low fevers, the kids missed 2 days of school this week. We'll see what tomorrow brings and if they are feeling better.

Stay tuned for more Tales from the Kindergarten room...maybe you can help decipher what is true and what is a great, imaginative story coming from a 5 year old!

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