Friday, August 1, 2014

4th of July trip

Our spontaneous 4th of July trip started by heading to Dubuque, Iowa for the fireworks. We got there in time to drop our bags and head to dinner. The kids loved the hotel room--I think it's just fun for them to be away from home. We found a good parking spot and caught the last bit of an air show.

While we waited, there was plenty of people watching to do. And since our blanket was right next to a funnel cake stand well, why not! It was about 3 tiers tall and covered in powdered sugar. It better be good for the $8 they charged us for it!

More people watching, then watching a couple guys get in a fight and the paramedics had to work on him in the dark. Fun times!

It was after 10:00 before the fireworks started. They were great, one of the best I've seen. But about halfway thru, Adam said "Mom, do you know what I would really like to do at the hotel? SLEEP! Can we go there right now?"

I was so glad I brought the wagon. We caught the end of the fireworks while walking back to the car. What a madhouse getting out of there. It took us over an hour to get back to the hotel (which was only a few miles away) and we finally got the kids tucked in bed around 12:30.

Adam had decided he didn't want to sleep on his cot because it was starting to poke him in the back. He was starting to reach the weight limit. Instead he wanted to sleep with Dad like they did in Boston when Sara and I were in the hospital. Adam was very excited about it, Shannon not so much as he wasn't left with much room.

The next morning we headed to a great little family cafe for breakfast and then hit the waterpark inside the hotel. I thought it would be a bigger hit, especially with Sara. But she had a bit of a cold and was running a very low grade fever so she kept getting chilly. She was not feeling very dare-devilish.

Their favorite part was the lazy river.

Shannon said "Sara...I'm toe-ing you!" I'm surprised she got his pun.

After a few hours we got dressed to head to the Mississippi River Museum.

This photo of Sara totally cracked me up. She started out being afraid of the statue, walking way around to avoid it. Then when I sat down and started telling her about how Mark Twain wrote books, then she wanted to sit in his lap and talk to him.

After the museum we headed to Cedar Rapids for dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Mollenhauers and to spend the night. The next morning we headed to Dyersville for the Tractor Museum.

I think Shannon would have liked a little more time looking at the older tractors, especially the ones he remembers driving on the farm as a boy. Adam and Sara were very excited to have a little money to spend from the grandparents. Sara picked out a little stuffed animal cow and a sticker book. Adam bought a red disc implement which he later decided he needed a new tractor to go with it.

It was nice to get away for just a few days and enjoy some family time.

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