Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby Mo update

I had been feeling pretty good until the 4th of July holiday weekend hit. We decided pretty last minute to head out of town for a family vacation. While I was trying to not overdo it, the walking and 8+ hours in the car over 3 days did me in. I spent all day Sunday on the couch and in pain every time I would just walk to the bathroom. I had some feelings similar to just before the twins were born so I played it cautious and called the doctor's office first thing Monday morning. He was out of the country on a medical missions trip but another person could see me Tuesday.

That Tuesday, July 8, became Day 1 of my bed rest. I was starting to dilate and only being 23 1/2 weeks, it was just too early to take any risks. My whole world changed very quickly.

Thankfully I was already equipped to work remotely from home for my part-time job. We started dispersing a few tasks and running paperwork back and forth. And we bought a laptop desk to be used while I was on the couch.

My mom started staying longer and coming extra days to help with the kids without me even asking. And Shannon's parents came with freezer food and to catch up on laundry.

Some friends from my twins group brought meals. One person even brought me a tub of school supplies the kids needed. 

It was quite the adjustment for the kids. One morning when Shannon had to leave for work before they woke up, he got breakfast prepped for them. They came downstairs and their eyes lit up! He had dry cereal in a bowl on the table, 1/2 a banana, glasses of juice for them in the refrigerator, and milk in a small container that they could pour on their cereal themselves. They thought it was the neatest thing! We bought walkie talkies to communicate with each other. And we came up with creative things to do to spend time together--puzzles, coloring, reading books. Adam and I even figured out a game outside while I laid on a lounge chair and would roll a kick ball across the deck and down the stairs for it to bounce and him to catch. The biggest challenge was that they kept playing me and mom against each other and weren't sure who to listen to when we were both here.

After a week, my doctor was back in town and he felt like my body was holding on and not progressing any further with labor. He wanted me to move around a little more at home and return in another week to check in again.

That was last week and we were so excited to learn that things still looked good. The dilation had stopped and my cervical length was long. The enzyme test also came back negative--that would have indicated if my body was producing chemicals to go into labor within the next 2 weeks. He released me from bedrest but said continue to take it easy when I need to. I am still working from home except for one afternoon when I go in for a meeting. I also limit how many times I go up the stairs, watch how much I lift, and try not to do any excessive cooking. I have another appointment in 2 weeks when I will be 28 1/2 weeks.

This photo was taken at 24 1/2 weeks.

Sara is just head over heels with me being pregnant. She has such an instinctive motherly demeanor. I can't tell you how many times a day she talks to the baby, gives my belly a hug, kisses my belly, tells the baby good night, etc. It shocked her the night she felt him kick! I'm sure she will be an excellent helper once he is born.

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Heather said...

Ugh. I know how it is to be carrying one baby, think it's going to be smooth sailing, and then be hit with dilation. :/ Hang in there and take it easy!