Sunday, July 27, 2014

Adam's last tee ball game

I was so glad I signed Adam up for tee ball. He really enjoyed playing a sport and interacting with the other kids.

I think it also turned out well that Sara broke her arm so Adam participated by himself. Even though Sara said she wanted to play tee ball, she really would not have enjoyed the heat during the games. Adam is all about the competition right now. Sara doesn't enjoy that at all mostly because Adam is stronger and faster so she rarely wins. What fun is that?

It was also neat to see how Adam improved throughout the season. At the first practice, he was terrible at throwing. By the end, he could throw it straight if he was concentrating!

And his batting was spectacular. I think he surprised himself sometimes. The last few games of the season, he hit the coach's pitch and didn't use the tee.

Adam's biggest struggle was staying focused. Keeping his eye on the ball, not playing in the dirt, listening to the coaches, etc.

I am excited for him to get older and more coordinated to see which sports he would like to get more involved with.

Even though Sara did not participate, she was more than happy to cheer Adam on...and share in the celebration, too!

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