Sunday, June 1, 2014

First tee ball game

Initially I had both Adam and Sara signed up for tee ball but with Sara breaking her arm, Adam is participating solo and loving it. He is in the tan hat, standing next to Shannon in the blue hat.

He got a pair of baseball pants for his belated birthday. At 6:30am on the day of his next game, he was in our bedroom fully dressed in his new uniform asking what time the game started! He also got a tee ball tee, Shannon bought him some tee balls, and I took him to buy a bat--he had to have the lime green one!

I think his favorite part is just hanging out with other boys, although it is a challenge for him sometimes to pay attention and not goof around.

It is funny how ridiculously huge the batting helmets are. Half the time it falls down over his eyes while he is trying to bat and flops around while he is running.

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