Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day - Honoring the Mother of the Wonder Twins and Baby Mo

A lot of people broadcast their anniversary, birthday, and mother's day wishes for their loved ones on Facebook. I've tended to stay away from that because it seemed to not take as much effort as writing a post on the family blog. It's also time for me to originate a post for a change.

So, at the end of this Mother's Day weekend, which we spent in Lake Geneva focused on a birthday party for Jordyn, Adam, and Sara, the holiday that took a backseat can't go without comment. Mother's Day 2009 was the first one for JoLynn, although it should not have been since the wonder twins were not due until June 23. It was much different considering they were both still in the NICU.

Now, they're finishing pre-school next week and baby Mo (gender-neutral nickname for the gestating munchkin) is 15 weeks along in development. You only have to read the past blog entries over the years to recognize that JoLynn has taken the role and responsibility of mother very seriously.

JoLynn is a wonder woman. She went through three cycles of IVF including a ridiculous number of injections before a set of 5 embryos made it to the point of development that could be transferred or frozen. Adam and Sara were 2 of 4 that flourished at transfer in October 2008. Number 5 sat in the freezer until this winter when JoLynn endured another round of even more painful injections to give this little one a chance at life. And, it  has paid off.

In addition to doing whatever it takes to give her babies the best development opportunities both in the womb and in the world, she provides a set of skills and perspective to her employer that fills gaps in their abilities and helps them maintain a reputation of quality and service which defies the contractor stereotype. She pays the bills, plans and prepares most meals, and keeps the laundry straight.

She also manages the healthcare demands of 2 kids who have gone through seven surgeries, more labs and ultrasounds and doctor's visits than I can recall, along with the bills that would normally be handled through insurance. She monitors the development and health indicators that could signal problems in Sara's kidneys before they could be detected in a quarterly or 6-month checkup.

I could go on, but I'll just finish with this. For 16 years she has also tolerated and compensated for my shortcomings and weaknesses. For all that I've written about here, and all that I've left out because this is supposed to be a blog and not an encyclopedia, I want to go on record as saying "Thank you, JoLynn, for being a great mom to our great kids. I love you."

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