Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 year check ups

We had our routine visit with Dr. Neese just after the kids' birthday. Adam is 42" tall (31st percentile) and weighs 35lbs (11th percentile). He continues on the track to be Mr. Tall and Skinny. Sara is 41 1/2" tall (31st percentile) and weighs 32.5lbs (5th percentile). Sara has had phenomenal growth since her robotic surgery. Adam has grown 2" in the past year and Sara has grown 2 1/2" in the past year. I can't believe how tall both of them have gotten!

We discussed shots that are needed before Kindergarten and Adam constantly clearing his throat. I started him on Zyrtec again and that seems to have helped. I pointed out a mole that has developed on Sara's head but Dr. Neese isn't concerned about it. The largest part of our conversation centered around Adam's challenge to focus during preschool. The teacher mentioned to me recently that she feels he is developmentally behind with impulse control. What mom wants to hear their rock star preemie is developmentally behind? I thought that was all behind us! Dr. Neese feels like most of it is just that Adam is very young compared to the other kids in his class. We did discuss the possibility of ADD because Shannon was diagnosed with that last summer and we definitely see some of those tendencies with Adam. Dr. Neese stated that studies indicate about 5% of children born full-term with no complications are diagnosed with ADD. However, for preemies who had some type of stress to the brain (such as an IVH brain bleed like Adam had), the rate can be 25-30% so it is something we may need to pay attention to further down the road. He suggested that we do not give the Kindergarten teacher any leading information to begin with and let her assess the first few weeks on her own. Then we can touch base with her about 3 weeks in to see if she is seeing any issues to work thru. Sounds like a plan to me!

In the same week, Sara had a routine visit with her Pediatric Nephrologist, Dr. Gordillo. Her blood pressure is great. Her weight is great. Her growth rate is back on the curve. And her urinalysis came back normal. The protein continues to be absent from her urine so her blood pressure medication is doing its job. He will coordinate blood work with her next robotic surgery in the summer to make it easiest on her.

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