Wednesday, April 30, 2014

12 weeks

Last week I had my first OB appointment for Baby Mo #3. Honestly, I was a little nervous because my last visit a few years ago revealed my baby had died. I kept pushing those thoughts out of my mind.

We were ecstatic to see the baby moving so much the tech had a hard time capturing photos. It was funny because she kept talking about how the legs were outstretched and she doesn't usually see that.

We talked a little about avoiding pre-term labor but since it was so sudden with the twins, it is hard to provide a solution. He talked about possibly doing some kind of Progesterone shot once a week starting at 16 weeks for the duration of the pregnancy. I am classified as high risk again, which I expected. There is one thing they saw in the ultrasound that we need to keep an eye on. The top ultrasound photo shows a vertical gray line in the sac by the baby's feet. It is an amniotic sheet like a wall in the amniotic fluid. It could have been caused by scar tissue from my D&C. Usually that pushes out of the way as the baby grows. We will have to watch that it doesn't somehow get wrapped around the baby in a way that would cut off circulation.

I have felt pretty great so far except this week. But my pregnancy was quite easy with the twins, too. This week I have been exhausted and struggled with a migraine in my eye. I am thankful for all the ways my mom has helped. There isn't one thing she would say no to if I needed it, even if she is tired herself!

The kids are so excited about the baby. Adam is very protective, telling me things that I shouldn't be doing like mowing the lawn this summer. Obviously he wants a baby brother and would like to name him Max. He has also informed me that he is forgetful lately because the baby has affected his brain, too, just like me! My favorite is that Shannon had a conversation with him and asked "Do you think it would be okay if we put the new baby's crib under your loft bed?" "Sure Dad!" "The baby will wake up in the middle of the night and cry. You will need to change its diaper and give it something to eat." "Well, Dad, I'm going to be sleeping pretty hard..."

Sara kisses my belly, talks to the baby, and tells me she is so happy I'm going to have a baby. Obviously she wants a baby sister and would like to name her Kaylie. The other day when I explained how tired I was she told me "Considering that, I think you should plan for a nap today." I have noticed a strong mothering instinct in her since she was very small. I imagine some days she will be a great helper...and other days she will want to take over!

It is no surprise that we struggled with infertility for 6 years before our 3rd IVF led to welcoming Adam and Sara into the world. A few days after implantation, we learned there was 1 last embryo that survived to 5 days of life and it was frozen. Because Shannon and I believe that life begins at Day 1, we were not about to destroy that 5 day life. Time kept ticking and I wasn't getting any younger so we made the decision to rescue the member of our family who had been waiting since October 4, 2008. It has been a long road of shots, shots, and more shots. If you have not been thru this process, you have no idea how difficult it is. It definitely shows how much strength you have.

Here is the earliest picture we have of our baby after 5 days of conception. God is so amazing.

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