Monday, March 3, 2014

Indoor S'Mores

Tonight was alot of fun with the kids. Some days can be trying lately as they are learning their independence and how to push boundaries of listening. But tonight was very unexpected. I had been at work all day and Shannon left for a week-long business trip. Usually by the time I get home from work, the kids are tired and a little out of control. I got home early and my mom helped me give them baths before dinner. Then I made hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and raspberries for dinner. Clean plates all around, which is quite unusual for Sara lately. I had started a fire after their baths and they were both asking if we could make s'mores in the fireplace. It takes work for me sometimes to be spontaneous and fun. S'mores definitely sounded good to me! They were so excited!

Sara is the slowest s'more eater I have ever seen...between savoring the bites and trying to keep herself clean by wiping her mouth and fingers with a washcloth after every bite! I finally just held it for her so she could eat it and not get messy. Although she still had to wipe her mouth after every bite. She kept saying "these are my favorite!" Then there is Adam. He was done and licking crumbs off my plate before I had finished half of mine.

We ended the evening snuggling by the fire and reading books together. Teeth brushed, prayers said, kisses and hugs, and lights out to a great day. What a nice little gift!

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