Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

I started taking down the Christmas tree tonight so it seems only appropriate to blog about when we got the tree. We were actually pretty on the ball this year and made our outing the first weekend in December. Of course it had to be barely above zero that day. We could hardly take standing there as the Red Barn helper showed us options. We knew we wanted a Canaan as it has become our favorite species for the past few years--full branches and soft, shorter needles. Shorter? Tall? Fat? Skinny? I wanted a fat one. The kids voted for skinny. 7 feet? 8 feet? 8 1/2 feet--oh come on, dad, we have a 9 foot ceiling in the living room. It will fit.

Well, after we trimmed a little off the top it fit! I'm pretty sure the tag was not marked correctly!

Thankfully Adam is a great helper, especially when it comes to big projects. Both the kids really enjoyed decorating the tree, too.

Note: there was absolutely no way Adam was going to stand on Shannon's shoulders to put ornaments at the top! Most people are shocked to learn that Sara is the daredevil of the pair but she was enthusiastic when he hoisted her up there.

I don't know what it is about with the Santa hats but that was the first thing the kids asked for when we brought boxes up from the basement. They just couldn't wait to put them on!

Even the cat joined in the fun! Well, kind of...

I love having a real tree. It's one of my favorite things about Christmas. And the kids love it, too. Every morning they would wake up and ask me to turn the lights on right away. Adam would tell me "Merry Christmas, Mom!" Every day. And then we would turn off the living room lights at night and enjoy the tree one last time before bed. One night I found Adam sitting on the couch by himself in front of the tree and when I sat next to him, he said "Mom, it's beautiful."

The wonder of the season can be found in the eyes of a child.

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