Thursday, January 2, 2014

Little Lambies in Jammies

What a creative name for the preschool Christmas program this year! Little Lambs preschool and they got to wear their pajamas...get it? We were warned by the teachers that because of the devastating tornado that came thru our town a few weeks before Thanksgiving, practice had been cut short due to the extended Thanksgiving break.

It was a little comical and chaotic getting that many 4 year olds lined up. You should have seen the 3 year olds! And, of course, as the kids started lining up and it grew quiet, little voices could be heard from the front pew "No it's not...yes it it's not!" Surely those weren't my kids, even though the voices sounded exactly like them!

Sometimes the kids participated. See them in the front row on the right? Adam has his excavator pajamas on and Sara has owls with her hair in a braided pony tail.

And sometimes not...

One thing is for sure--Adam had the "HEY!" down in Jingle Bells. Until I saw this photo, I didn't think any of the other kids said anything. Giggles could be heard throughout the audience.

It really was fun to see the fruit of their labor that they had been keeping a secret for a month!

After we enjoyed cookies and punch and a quick picture with Santa.

We even captured a photo with their teacher before we left. The kids just adore her and are always making cards and signs for her at home.

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