Friday, January 10, 2014

Iowa Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in Iowa the weekend before Christmas this year. It worked out well that both us and Shannon's sister Adonna, along with her family, could all be there. After our morning ultrasound and urology doctor visit, we hopped in the car to head west. Friday evening was quiet. We opened present Saturday morning after breakfast.

Here is the tree with all the gifts waiting to be distributed.

After the presents were passed out, we were having a hard time seeing Sara!

Sometimes they did a great job being patient and letting one person open at a time. Sometimes it felt like a free for all!

Adam got some cool Legos. Then Sara opened her cool Legos and Adam couldn't resist checking it out.

A salon chair with accessories to do her dolls' hair, a Lightning Macqueen racetrack, Legos, clothes, a talking cat, and tons of awesome craft supplies which are now being used daily...all in all a pretty good Christmas they would say.

Grandma and Grandpa Mollenhauer with their grandkids--Megan, Sara, Adam, and Matt.

After Christmas lunch, we went out sledding...or cardboarding! There was a layer of ice on top of the grass.

Megan thought it would be a great idea to build a fort out of the ice chunks on top of the snow. I think my landscaping company needs to hire her to do flagstone!

After sledding we headed inside to work on gingerbread men before Adonna had to head home and beat the 9" of snow we were supposed to get.

Adam and Sara really enjoyed the time spent with their cousins. The next morning we woke up to much more snow. Not what they had predicted but still fun to watch Grandpa plow with the Bobcat out the window and then go out and have some fun playing.

It was nice to have a relaxing time in Iowa without the pressure of having to go back to work or drive to the next get together.

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