Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sprinkler Fun

It was still really hot after dinner so I told the kids if they ate a good dinner I would dig out the sprinkler for some fun. Adam had his dinner gobbled down and was changed into his suit in record time!

While Sara was inside, still sitting at the dinner table, because she refused to eat any of her dinner, Adam giggled as he tried to outrun the sprinkler. If you looked up the word joy in a picture dictionary, there would be a photo of Adam.

At one point Sara came out and peeked thru the deck railing, tears streaming down her face. I tried to take a picture of her sourpuss face but she ran inside.

A few minutes later she came out on the deck and told me Dad said it was okay.

I questioned her about it but she insisted.

Then Shannon walked outside and asked what was going on as he looked at Sara enjoying herself in the sprinkler. I told him that she declared he said it was okay. He denied that statement. The day went down in history as Sara's first big parental play.

What made me laugh was that as I was looking at pictures, something seemed very familiar.

Two years ago...

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