Saturday, November 2, 2013

Preschool Halloween festivities

On Thursday the kids got to wear their costumes to Preschool. Parents were invited back for a little parade and snack time.

Here comes Adam and Sara's class with their teacher in the lead, Mrs. Ohlman.

All the adults loved their costumes. All the kids said "Who?" I think they were the only ones that were made. It seems like when I was younger, everyone made costumes. It must be a sign of how busy lives are now and what a faster pace life is.

I think it's great that Adam and Sara don't feel like they always have to sit next to each other. However, in this case, Adam missed out on being able to eat Sara's pudding that she didn't like and the fruit snacks that were left over. I laughed with another mom as we watched the things being thrown away. At home we eat what's left and we weren't even offered a spoon!

Here is Adam and Sara's class, minus one student.

Then I got to go to their classroom and see some of the projects they have been working on.

Adam's is in the upper left and Sara's at the bottom of the same row.

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