Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween with PMOT

Last Saturday the twins group I belong to (Peoria Mothers of Twins) had their annual Trunk or Treat. Actually this year it expanded to include a Fall Festival, which meant games, crafts, and food inside after we trick or treated out of everyone's vehicles. It was a huge success and the kids had a ton of fun!

Adam and Sara decided quite a while ago that they wanted to be Pebbles and Bam Bam. Definitely a classic! I searched quite some time for a costume. They were all either lame or lame and ridiculously expensive. Instead, I researched the internet for what they typically wore and my mom and I made the costumes ourselves. Huge thanks for her sewing Sara's shirt. I did the accessorizing.

Of course when we made the costumes it was unseasonably warm, in the 70s. 2 weeks later it changed to unseasonably cold but it still worked well.

We also decorated the trunk at the very last minute by trying to make it look like the inside of the Flintstones cave home. A chair and table and a welcome sign that says "The Mollenstones."

Over 70 kids and over 50 adults!

Sara enjoyed pumpkin bowling.

Adam thought dropping the ghost in the bottle was the hardest.

The ring toss on the witches hats was a big hit!

And we even got to make pumpkin faces with some awesome stickers.

Hot dogs, chili, nachos, and cupcakes--a great way to end the day! It really is one of my favorite ways to do Halloween and keep the kids safe, especially when they are little.

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