Friday, November 8, 2013

Children's Museum Outing

We surprised the kids this afternoon with a 45 minute road trip to the Children's Museum in Bloomington, IL. They had been there before but it was 2 years ago so they didn't remember. It is so much fun to me to just sit and watch them discover things.

Sara loves to look at herself in a mirror, mess with her hair, dance, etc. But this mirror really threw her off!

The boys are all about the cars. I think they could have played in that area for an hour!

They both really enjoyed the water area.

Then it was off to make pizzas! Sara had so much joy on her face as she was "waiting" on us...pouring us drinks and serving our pizza slices. Shannon thought she put onions on top of his pizza but she swore it was canadian bacon!

After spending a little time in the doctor area, we moved on to the giant building blocks.

They absolutely loved the 2nd floor--over half of it was farm-centered.

This cow milking station cracked me up. Adam kept waiting for the container to fill up with milk that was pumping from the cows.

Sara kept running back and forth with a bucket of "feed"...little green balls that you could gather from various stations and put them into vaccuum tubes to get suctioned to another part of the farm.

Adam just kept running from one station to the next. I really think they both would have run themselves until they passed out!

I thought they would be more interested in the vaccuum tubes that spit out rags and balls.

Instead I think Shannon and I enjoyed it more. Of course the "big boy" had to say "I wonder if I can get it stuck?!"

Sara was 2-fisting the pinwheels, deep in concentration.

After we enjoyed some calzones, we headed for home. Totally worn out, heads were bobbing quite quickly. 6:15 and they got out of their clothes, into their pajamas, and crawled right into bed.

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