Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin carving

A few weeks ago, we picked out our pumpkins to decorate from Ackerman Farms. Sara was certain she wanted a small little pumpkin that we would turn into a baby. Adam wanted the biggest pumpkin he could find to carve! The bigger the pumpkin the more the guts!

After seeing that, Adam volunteered me to clean it out for him. He was more open to the idea when I got giant spoons out. Even more excitement was generated when I pulled out some tongs!

Here is Sara with her "baby"...

Adam thought it was pretty cool I found a Lightning MacQueen template.

Thank goodness my trusty neighbor came thru again when I couldn't locate my carving tools!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our 4th Small Wonders Walk

Today was one of our favorite days of the year--the Children's Hospital of Illinois NICU Small Wonders Miracle Walk. It is so fun now that the kids are old enough to understand the significance of the day and look forward to it. After getting a bit of breakfast, we headed outside for a massive group photo. Over 500 people pre-registered and there were more walk-ins this morning. I think it's going to be a record year for our 7th annual event.

The 3K walk portion was next. My favorite part about that this year were the informational signs they had along the path.

It really is quite breathtaking viewing such a sea of people, as far as you can see in front of you and the same behind. Knowing that, while each story is unique, we all have a bond that ties us together.

There were so many activities going on once we got back inside the kids had a hard time choosing what to do first!

How about a little bouncy house?

Or maybe some face painting...

We enjoyed a concert by Julie K...

Then we moved on to choosing balloon animals. A kitty on a leash for Sara that she kept kissing. Interestingly, these are the exact same balloons they chose last year. How did they remember and request them specifically by name a year later?!

A monkey on a tree eating bananas for Adam.

A break for lunch and then more bouncy house fun.

They redesigned the t-shirts this year and I think they are fabulous!

For those of you who support us in any way, we couldn't be more grateful. Some of you donated financially, some babysit the kids while we have meetings for the NICU Family Advisory Board we participate in, some pray--all essential pieces to continue to provide support to the hundreds of families that experience the NICU roller coaster ride each year.

It makes me a little emotional looking back on our walks over the years! It's amazing how much they change in a year!


See you next year...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Preschool Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

On Wednesday Adam and Sara enjoyed their first field trip with their preschool. It was quite the fall day for it--chilly--and the morning class wasn't able to go because it was raining. Ackerman Farms is a small family owned pumpkin farm that is just the right size for a field trip for 3 and 4 year olds.

Our half of the group began with some educational time. New this year to the farm is a silo-like structure where classes can learn about different kinds of pumpkins.

Adam and Sara's classmates thought this pickle pumpkin was quite neat! Their teacher, whom they just adore, is on the far left of the photo.

Next we enjoyed a hayrack ride into the pumpkin patch. There were still quite a few pumpkins left and blooms indicating more pumpkins are coming. The weather in the 30s overnight next week may prove otherwise.

Then we spent some time visiting with the animals. This is Lady enjoying a little treat.

There was also an alpaca, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and goats (with 5 sets of twin babies!)

The rest of the class headed for the bus and we spent some time shopping for a few pumpkins.

Sara chose a small pumpkin that she wants to decorate to look like a baby...stay tuned. Adam and I walked around looking for the biggest, fattest pumpkin he could find.

It was also a great opportunity for a few fall photos.