Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Preschoolers in the house!

First day of preschool...what an emotional roller coaster day! Not for reasons that you think. For almost 4 weeks I have been trying to transition the kids to a different schedule in preparation for afternoon school. Nap a few days, not for a few days. Then throw in vacation and it was a perfect storm for the kids being exhausted and not wanting to listen. Especially Adam. He and I butted heads all morning. He spent more time crying than not. At one point I got fed up so Sara and I went outside to water flowers. I heard him banging on the window, screaming and crying. I wasn't sure he was even going to make it for his first day of school.

Somehow they composed themselves and we pulled it off!

We loaded up our backpacks, supplies, and extra set of clothes in case of an accident and arrived early! I think the kids were a little nervous because they didn't talk much. Once the doors were unlocked and we got to their room, Adam went right to his hook to hang his backpack. Then he found a puzzle and sat right down to get to work putting together Cookie Monster. Sara was a little more reserved but did just fine.

We were heading down the hall to leave and the teacher was behind us. She let out a big laugh and said "Your kids' vocabulary is unbelievable! I don't know if you realize that since you are around them every day." It's so funny to me that they do talk like adults.

Miss Sara...what can I say about my baby girl? There are extremes to her personality. Sweet and polite and quiet and reserved and plays quietly by herself.

And then there is this other side that usually shocks people. She is sassy and smart-mouthed, loves to suck you in with her belly laugh, and is a little daredevil. She enjoyed story time today and talked about the fish. For 3 hours she told me that his name was "Frishy Fish" or something like that. Adam backed her up. Then at dinner I said "Sara explain the fish's name to dad" and she replied "His name is Louie." Where did that come from? And apparently she was crowned the leader in class because when we walked to the neighbors for early birthday cake, she insisted we all line up and follow behind her. She kept saying "stay behind me..."

And then there's my boy. Mr. Adam. I think he aged years before me in this photo. He has a tendency of doing that.

He is a defender and helper of his sister, which I am proud of. Man do the two of them bicker but then they are so sweet with each other, too. Adam has a phenomenal mind for thinking things thru, figuring things out, and solving problems. Extremely intelligent. And he is so tender hearted. But he does not like being disciplined if his mind is set on something.

Adam said he liked snacks and the teacher was nice. He surprised me by saying that everyone in the class was nice. Usually he is telling us about someone who is mean. He got to be the caboose on the train.

I expected them both to be tired when I picked them up. We got home and made another snack, played outside for a bit, and had an early dinner. They were in bed around 7 without complete meltdowns!

This is the entry to their preschool, complete with a large TV screen with 9 different feeds of classrooms and hallways for security.

I am excited for what the future holds for my 2 little ones!

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Heather said...

They look so big!!!! I hope that they are loving preschool. :)