Thursday, September 26, 2013

Golf lessons

Another sport the kids had fun (kind of) learning this summer was golf. The biggest challenge was that there were too many kids in the class. Lessons were only 30 minutes and with 11 kids, that allowed for a few minutes of group time and about 3 minutes of 1 on 1 instruction.

That left Shannon and I working with the kids to instruct them. That worked fine for Shannon because he is a long-time golfer.

As for me, I have never golfed other than the mini- kind! I tried my best to listen well and follow Coach Nate's suggestions.

Sara's biggest challenge was the weight of the clubs were quite heavy and after about 15 minutes she was worn out from lifting the gigantic club over her head. Her next challenge was that she appeared to be smitten with Coach Nate!

By the 4th lesson, Sara had totally lost interest. Adam had really improved and thought maybe it was something he might want to try again. I think he enjoyed some "guy time" with dad.

I found a great deal at the Fall Twins Sale and bought Adam a used pair of toddler golf clubs! He was so excited when he found out I took off running for them so no one else could snag them. They are still a little big for him but the $25 was a great investment.

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