Sunday, September 22, 2013


On Wednesday last week, Shannon took the kids to school. He has a Wednesday night class that he is teaching so he is going to work late and spending some time with the kids in the morning. They were super excited that Dad was taking them to school! I was, too, because it gave him a chance to see the kids' classroom. Working full-time makes it hard to be plugged in to those daytime activities.

When I got home from work that night, he told me that the teacher gave him some envelopes with the kids' names on them and they were reminders to sign up for the upcoming Pumpkin Patch field trip. I thought that was odd because the deadline had not passed yet.

The next morning he came into the bedroom, holding the open envelopes and said "I guess these weren't reminders."

"Just as Jesus paid for our sins, a month of preschool has been paid for you. Relish in God's amazing grace for you are loved beyond measure."

We both soaked in that moment, silent. We had just been working thru the budget and discussing how tight things are for us right now. Finances are certainly different, between me not working full-time and increased expenses having children and Sara's medical expenses. But God provides and this is just another example of that. Over and over, time and again, He provides.

I don't know who gave the gift. Part of me started trying to think of people. Then I forced myself to stop. My heart told me 'if the person wanted you to know, he/she would have told you...just accept the gift and allow yourself to be blessed.'

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Heather said...

What a wonderful gift!! And to a very deserving family. :)