Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big birthday for Mama

Last Wednesday was my birthday. My birthday present from my mom might give you an idea of its significance.

Even better was the plethora of flat green things inside!

Shannon's mom made me a cake.

Shannon gave me an awesome gift of a massage certificate--long overdue!

My awesome neighbor stopped over with an orange bin full of orange goodies! Those closest to me know it's my favorite color and I'm getting a little obsessed with it!

Orange lilies, Hawaiian rolls, an orange towel, nacho chips, cheese dip, orange tic tacs, peanut butter Cap n Crunch, Cheetos Puffs, an orange candle, an orange bath pouf, Goldfish macaroni and cheese, Goldfish crackers, Cheddar Chex Mix, Cheddar cheese Pringles, sun tan lotion, Reese's mini peanut butter cups, orange post-its, gum, Reese's pieces, a dice game, orange nail polish, Tide laundry detergent, orange juice, orange jello, mandarin oranges, carrots. Oh and don't forget the lovely card and gift certificates to a Mexican restaurant--my favorite!

The kids had fun shopping for me with my mom. Apparently they went to Hallmark after school and picked things out themselves. The sales lady was quite inquisitive.
"Are you twins?"  
"Yes," Sara said.
"But how is it that one of you has brown eyes and one has blue?"
"That's how God made us."
"How old are you?"
"You are shopping for your mom's birthday? How old is she?"
Sara was sure she wanted to buy me jewelry and got this nice infinity bracelet.

Adam was very pleased with his find--an orange key chain with my initial on it.

It was very fun to see them so excited, running at me with their little gift bags when I got home from work. Just a really great day overall of texts, Facebook messages, phone calls, and gifts. It really made me feel special. Some people may get caught up with turning 40. I have been deciding for a while that it would be no big deal. The patch of white hair I have coming is like my soul patch, a symbol of the trials that have come our way, and with faith I have survived...stronger. Sure, I am tired. And imperfect. The list is long of things I can do better. But there is a great sense of peace in my spirit that certainly wasn't there at 20. Or 30. But it is at 40. And I am grateful.

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