Thursday, September 26, 2013

Golf lessons

Another sport the kids had fun (kind of) learning this summer was golf. The biggest challenge was that there were too many kids in the class. Lessons were only 30 minutes and with 11 kids, that allowed for a few minutes of group time and about 3 minutes of 1 on 1 instruction.

That left Shannon and I working with the kids to instruct them. That worked fine for Shannon because he is a long-time golfer.

As for me, I have never golfed other than the mini- kind! I tried my best to listen well and follow Coach Nate's suggestions.

Sara's biggest challenge was the weight of the clubs were quite heavy and after about 15 minutes she was worn out from lifting the gigantic club over her head. Her next challenge was that she appeared to be smitten with Coach Nate!

By the 4th lesson, Sara had totally lost interest. Adam had really improved and thought maybe it was something he might want to try again. I think he enjoyed some "guy time" with dad.

I found a great deal at the Fall Twins Sale and bought Adam a used pair of toddler golf clubs! He was so excited when he found out I took off running for them so no one else could snag them. They are still a little big for him but the $25 was a great investment.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


On Wednesday last week, Shannon took the kids to school. He has a Wednesday night class that he is teaching so he is going to work late and spending some time with the kids in the morning. They were super excited that Dad was taking them to school! I was, too, because it gave him a chance to see the kids' classroom. Working full-time makes it hard to be plugged in to those daytime activities.

When I got home from work that night, he told me that the teacher gave him some envelopes with the kids' names on them and they were reminders to sign up for the upcoming Pumpkin Patch field trip. I thought that was odd because the deadline had not passed yet.

The next morning he came into the bedroom, holding the open envelopes and said "I guess these weren't reminders."

"Just as Jesus paid for our sins, a month of preschool has been paid for you. Relish in God's amazing grace for you are loved beyond measure."

We both soaked in that moment, silent. We had just been working thru the budget and discussing how tight things are for us right now. Finances are certainly different, between me not working full-time and increased expenses having children and Sara's medical expenses. But God provides and this is just another example of that. Over and over, time and again, He provides.

I don't know who gave the gift. Part of me started trying to think of people. Then I forced myself to stop. My heart told me 'if the person wanted you to know, he/she would have told you...just accept the gift and allow yourself to be blessed.'

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Out of the mouths...

This morning Sara saw Shannon pick up an iPad he had borrowed that was enclosed in a red case when she exclaimed "Oooohhhhh, heeeeeeyyyy, did you get a new tablet? I love the color!"

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big birthday for Mama

Last Wednesday was my birthday. My birthday present from my mom might give you an idea of its significance.

Even better was the plethora of flat green things inside!

Shannon's mom made me a cake.

Shannon gave me an awesome gift of a massage certificate--long overdue!

My awesome neighbor stopped over with an orange bin full of orange goodies! Those closest to me know it's my favorite color and I'm getting a little obsessed with it!

Orange lilies, Hawaiian rolls, an orange towel, nacho chips, cheese dip, orange tic tacs, peanut butter Cap n Crunch, Cheetos Puffs, an orange candle, an orange bath pouf, Goldfish macaroni and cheese, Goldfish crackers, Cheddar Chex Mix, Cheddar cheese Pringles, sun tan lotion, Reese's mini peanut butter cups, orange post-its, gum, Reese's pieces, a dice game, orange nail polish, Tide laundry detergent, orange juice, orange jello, mandarin oranges, carrots. Oh and don't forget the lovely card and gift certificates to a Mexican restaurant--my favorite!

The kids had fun shopping for me with my mom. Apparently they went to Hallmark after school and picked things out themselves. The sales lady was quite inquisitive.
"Are you twins?"  
"Yes," Sara said.
"But how is it that one of you has brown eyes and one has blue?"
"That's how God made us."
"How old are you?"
"You are shopping for your mom's birthday? How old is she?"
Sara was sure she wanted to buy me jewelry and got this nice infinity bracelet.

Adam was very pleased with his find--an orange key chain with my initial on it.

It was very fun to see them so excited, running at me with their little gift bags when I got home from work. Just a really great day overall of texts, Facebook messages, phone calls, and gifts. It really made me feel special. Some people may get caught up with turning 40. I have been deciding for a while that it would be no big deal. The patch of white hair I have coming is like my soul patch, a symbol of the trials that have come our way, and with faith I have survived...stronger. Sure, I am tired. And imperfect. The list is long of things I can do better. But there is a great sense of peace in my spirit that certainly wasn't there at 20. Or 30. But it is at 40. And I am grateful.

Out of the mouths

We were driving on the way to my company picnic today and I turned around to look at Adam in his car seat. "Adam, you still have jelly on your face from breakfast." "I don't think anyone will notice."

Shannon was gathering sand toys for the picnic and asked Sara if she could unwind Ivy from having her leash wrapped around the tree. She started and Shannon heard her say, "Watch out Ivy you are going to step in your...poop. Dis-gusting!"

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Preschoolers in the house!

First day of preschool...what an emotional roller coaster day! Not for reasons that you think. For almost 4 weeks I have been trying to transition the kids to a different schedule in preparation for afternoon school. Nap a few days, not for a few days. Then throw in vacation and it was a perfect storm for the kids being exhausted and not wanting to listen. Especially Adam. He and I butted heads all morning. He spent more time crying than not. At one point I got fed up so Sara and I went outside to water flowers. I heard him banging on the window, screaming and crying. I wasn't sure he was even going to make it for his first day of school.

Somehow they composed themselves and we pulled it off!

We loaded up our backpacks, supplies, and extra set of clothes in case of an accident and arrived early! I think the kids were a little nervous because they didn't talk much. Once the doors were unlocked and we got to their room, Adam went right to his hook to hang his backpack. Then he found a puzzle and sat right down to get to work putting together Cookie Monster. Sara was a little more reserved but did just fine.

We were heading down the hall to leave and the teacher was behind us. She let out a big laugh and said "Your kids' vocabulary is unbelievable! I don't know if you realize that since you are around them every day." It's so funny to me that they do talk like adults.

Miss Sara...what can I say about my baby girl? There are extremes to her personality. Sweet and polite and quiet and reserved and plays quietly by herself.

And then there is this other side that usually shocks people. She is sassy and smart-mouthed, loves to suck you in with her belly laugh, and is a little daredevil. She enjoyed story time today and talked about the fish. For 3 hours she told me that his name was "Frishy Fish" or something like that. Adam backed her up. Then at dinner I said "Sara explain the fish's name to dad" and she replied "His name is Louie." Where did that come from? And apparently she was crowned the leader in class because when we walked to the neighbors for early birthday cake, she insisted we all line up and follow behind her. She kept saying "stay behind me..."

And then there's my boy. Mr. Adam. I think he aged years before me in this photo. He has a tendency of doing that.

He is a defender and helper of his sister, which I am proud of. Man do the two of them bicker but then they are so sweet with each other, too. Adam has a phenomenal mind for thinking things thru, figuring things out, and solving problems. Extremely intelligent. And he is so tender hearted. But he does not like being disciplined if his mind is set on something.

Adam said he liked snacks and the teacher was nice. He surprised me by saying that everyone in the class was nice. Usually he is telling us about someone who is mean. He got to be the caboose on the train.

I expected them both to be tired when I picked them up. We got home and made another snack, played outside for a bit, and had an early dinner. They were in bed around 7 without complete meltdowns!

This is the entry to their preschool, complete with a large TV screen with 9 different feeds of classrooms and hallways for security.

I am excited for what the future holds for my 2 little ones!