Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Bible School

As the kids get older, that means they get to participate in fun things like Vacation Bible School. Our church doesn't have a program so we took the kids just down the road to our neighbor's church.

They had a fantastic time every night learning to stand strong for God.

One night they dressed all in neon colors. One night was mismatch night. Sara didn't quite get that word because she kept calling Adam Mr. Match.

Last night they made crowns. Adam had quite the sword that he came home with and Sara made a princess scepter. Tonight was crazy hair night! When we walked in to pick them up, Sara was bouncing her head forward and back to make her hair flop like a little rocker.

Every night the kids came home with stories of the fun they had while we dimmed the lights and got them crawled into bed around 9:15.

By mid-week they were just exhausted! Sara had a day that she didn't nap. And when she doesn't nap, she gets squirrely and crabby while she argues that she isn't really tired. At dinner that night we were talking about the birds outside and Sara said we needed to get more boodfird. She paused and thought real hard, then just started giggling. Her giggle is so contagious!

We've had lots of late nights, missed naps, 3 pee accidents (which we haven't had in a long time), and now Adam seems like he is getting a cold and Sara has been complaining all afternoon that her throat hurts when she swallows. What a week! But they certainly had fun and are looking forward to next year!

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