Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tennis Lessons

I really wanted the kids to participate in the standard t-ball that seems to be a right of passage for all kids. Who doesn't play t-ball? I anxiously awaited the spring park district books to be printed and leafed thru the entire thing to t-ball? Apparently you have to register for t-ball in the winter so I had completely missed the deadline! I began to search for other options that would give the kids a chance to physically learn something new, participate in a team event, meet new kids, and practice listening.

I signed them up for tennis. The biggest challenge was that it started at 8:30. I found out later the other kids had just rolled out of bed and arrived without eating breakfast.

They had a scaled-down net, played with larger balls, and used small rackets. They really seemed to enjoy themselves until about the last lesson. The timing of when to swing was a struggle for them and you could tell the difference between the kids who were 4 vs. 5.

Adam was cracking me up because every time they took a water break, he would tuck the handle of the racket in the net so it would hang there.

They would hit balls for a bit, then all run to gather them. Adam got pretty upset the first day when one of the boys wasn't letting him pick up any.

They spent time practicing swings and also learned about the names of the different lines on the court.

I'm not sure what happened but the last day was really a challenge for Adam. He didn't want to listen to the coach at all. I tried to talk to him at a water break but that didn't help because when he went back, he hit Sara and another girl over the head with the racket. I saw the coach bend down eye to eye, nose to nose with him and have a little chat. After that, Adam wasn't much interested in picking up any balls and the ones he did, he piled on his racket instead of put them in her bag like he knew he was supposed to. At the next water break I told him he needed to apologize to her. I saw him tentatively walk up to her, pat her on the butt and walk off. I'm hoping there was a "sorry" with the butt slap.

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