Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tennis Lessons

I really wanted the kids to participate in the standard t-ball that seems to be a right of passage for all kids. Who doesn't play t-ball? I anxiously awaited the spring park district books to be printed and leafed thru the entire thing to t-ball? Apparently you have to register for t-ball in the winter so I had completely missed the deadline! I began to search for other options that would give the kids a chance to physically learn something new, participate in a team event, meet new kids, and practice listening.

I signed them up for tennis. The biggest challenge was that it started at 8:30. I found out later the other kids had just rolled out of bed and arrived without eating breakfast.

They had a scaled-down net, played with larger balls, and used small rackets. They really seemed to enjoy themselves until about the last lesson. The timing of when to swing was a struggle for them and you could tell the difference between the kids who were 4 vs. 5.

Adam was cracking me up because every time they took a water break, he would tuck the handle of the racket in the net so it would hang there.

They would hit balls for a bit, then all run to gather them. Adam got pretty upset the first day when one of the boys wasn't letting him pick up any.

They spent time practicing swings and also learned about the names of the different lines on the court.

I'm not sure what happened but the last day was really a challenge for Adam. He didn't want to listen to the coach at all. I tried to talk to him at a water break but that didn't help because when he went back, he hit Sara and another girl over the head with the racket. I saw the coach bend down eye to eye, nose to nose with him and have a little chat. After that, Adam wasn't much interested in picking up any balls and the ones he did, he piled on his racket instead of put them in her bag like he knew he was supposed to. At the next water break I told him he needed to apologize to her. I saw him tentatively walk up to her, pat her on the butt and walk off. I'm hoping there was a "sorry" with the butt slap.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Bible School

As the kids get older, that means they get to participate in fun things like Vacation Bible School. Our church doesn't have a program so we took the kids just down the road to our neighbor's church.

They had a fantastic time every night learning to stand strong for God.

One night they dressed all in neon colors. One night was mismatch night. Sara didn't quite get that word because she kept calling Adam Mr. Match.

Last night they made crowns. Adam had quite the sword that he came home with and Sara made a princess scepter. Tonight was crazy hair night! When we walked in to pick them up, Sara was bouncing her head forward and back to make her hair flop like a little rocker.

Every night the kids came home with stories of the fun they had while we dimmed the lights and got them crawled into bed around 9:15.

By mid-week they were just exhausted! Sara had a day that she didn't nap. And when she doesn't nap, she gets squirrely and crabby while she argues that she isn't really tired. At dinner that night we were talking about the birds outside and Sara said we needed to get more boodfird. She paused and thought real hard, then just started giggling. Her giggle is so contagious!

We've had lots of late nights, missed naps, 3 pee accidents (which we haven't had in a long time), and now Adam seems like he is getting a cold and Sara has been complaining all afternoon that her throat hurts when she swallows. What a week! But they certainly had fun and are looking forward to next year!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sprinkler Fun

It was still really hot after dinner so I told the kids if they ate a good dinner I would dig out the sprinkler for some fun. Adam had his dinner gobbled down and was changed into his suit in record time!

While Sara was inside, still sitting at the dinner table, because she refused to eat any of her dinner, Adam giggled as he tried to outrun the sprinkler. If you looked up the word joy in a picture dictionary, there would be a photo of Adam.

At one point Sara came out and peeked thru the deck railing, tears streaming down her face. I tried to take a picture of her sourpuss face but she ran inside.

A few minutes later she came out on the deck and told me Dad said it was okay.

I questioned her about it but she insisted.

Then Shannon walked outside and asked what was going on as he looked at Sara enjoying herself in the sprinkler. I told him that she declared he said it was okay. He denied that statement. The day went down in history as Sara's first big parental play.

What made me laugh was that as I was looking at pictures, something seemed very familiar.

Two years ago...

Weekend at Gram-Grampa's

A few weekends ago we made a trip to Iowa to visit Shannon's parents. Somehow lately both of their names have run together to form one big name...Gram-Grampa. It's rare that the kids mention one of them by themselves. They just go together so that must be why they now have one name!

It had been quite a while since we had been to Iowa. With all the medical stuff in the past year, it worked out more often that they came here.  The kids were super excited to do all the "regular" stuff--ride the 4 wheeler, ride the Bobcat, ride the tractor--plus Grampa had plans to make a bird house with the kids. He already had the pieces cut out and labelled so it made assembly easier. Adam got to use the air nailer. (insert comment from Shannon about how *he* never got to use an air nailer at that age!)

Sara even got in on the nailing action. I love the look on her face--she was really grunting.

While the two of them were arguing over who was going to sit on this little stool they found in the shed, I was able to get them to sit still for a quick snapshot.

Adam was so proud of his achievement!

Adam just loves to be outside. He was constantly in the shed trying to figure things out, digging thru bungees, and pestering Grampa for the next piece of equipment they could ride together! Of course Grampa doesn't mind. He just gets a nap when the kids do!

Sara doesn't want to miss out on the fun and gets in her share of rides, as well.

We also had a visit to Uncle Frank and Aunt Marlene's farm to see some baby calves. It was pretty rainy. Sara didn't like how loud the cows were mooing so she kept covering her ears.

Adam thought it might be neat to climb on a Combine...until Uncle Frank told him the story about how one caught on fire in the field and then Adam wouldn't go any closer to it!