Friday, June 7, 2013

What not to wear

I have tried being more loose with letting the kids pick clothes lately. And being less stringent on having them coordinate, especially if they are just going to be playing around the house, unless we are going somewhere nice.

And then there is this day. Extreme. I still look at the photo and shake my head. It made it easier to deal with because I left for the day to go to work!

The day before Adam and I had some conversations because he wanted to wear an orange shirt and orange shorts. Actually, first it was a red shirt and orange shorts. I told him no and explained that it didn't match. Either pick the red shirt and different shorts or pick the orange shorts and a different shirt. He was adamant about the shorts. And then picked an orange shirt and insisted it matched. I told him that would make him look like a pumpkin. I tried to coach him about coordinating. For example, I had on plaid shorts that had white, red, orange, and yellow in them and then wore an orange shirt. See how the orange shirt just matches a stripe in the shorts and doesn't have to be exactly the same color? Apparently after I left he came out of his room with the matching orange shirt and orange shorts and declared he liked looking like a pumpkin.

Roll forward one day. I asked Adam if he was going to dress like a blueberry. Or maybe a pickle. He chose all red and said he was a tomato.

And then, there is my dear Sara. She insisted on wearing 2 shirts. A tank top with a shirt over it. I'm guessing it might be because I wear a tank top so often to be modest and not have my belly show if I bend over with a shirt that is too short. I would be absolutely fine with her wearing 2 shirts if they actually matched. But somehow a black and white, big-patterned tank top under a blue/green shirt with lemons all over it doesn't say fashion diva to me. I couldn't get her to budge and conceded hesitantly. However, I told her neither were long enough to qualify as a dress and she needed a pair of shorts. She promptly left the room and returned with...plaid. Orange, yellow, pink, and blue plaid. Really? I give up. And then when I came home for dinner she had a floofy toulle skirt over it. My. word.

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Anonymous said...

I remember having WWIII squabbles with Weston when he was 18 months old and wanted to wear what was comfortable, but sort of looked like Sara. I'd tell you from my experience, let them do this, in fact encourage it when they are just staying home. Most of us mother's would recognize who picked their outfits out...and it would be a great smile and memory for most of us too. Believe it or not, these moments will be the great memories you remember for years and years. They look cute! (Lisa)