Friday, June 7, 2013

Washington Cherry Festival

Last weekend was the Washington Cherry Festival in town. We were excited that the kids were finally old enough to really appreciate it. I stopped by the Chamber of Commerce and bought discounted all you can ride carnival bracelets. Then we prayed for the next 2 days that the rain would stay away. And about every hour for those two days the kids asked if it was time to leave yet.

It was a cooler morning and because of the record-setting rain we had in the month of May, no parking on any grass was allowed. We found a spot right near where the pedal tractor pulls were being held. How convenient that we could sign up on our way in to the carnival. And...they asked if Shannon wanted to sign up for the adult division. Hmmm...this should be interesting!

While waiting for the event to start, we snuck in a few carnival rides.

Sara picked the ever-appropriate horse to ride on the merry-go-round.

Adam, of course, chose...a pig?!

Adam loved this little fun house thing. He tried it last fall at the Morton Pumpkin Festival and it did not go well. There were way too many kids playing rough and he just wanted out. But this time, it was just him. He went thru there 3 times and thought it was awesome he was by himself.

Adam thought the jet skis were pretty cool.

Sara, not so much. I think it about gave her whiplash when it started and was jerky the entire time.

Time to head to the tractor pulls, come on Dad!

Adam was first up in the 4-5 year old division. He was the only one to do a 3-point turn and back his tractor into the sled! That's my boy!

I'm not sure what was with the tongue but apparently it helped him pedal harder!

Sara's turn and she was really working hard. Actually, I was quite impressed with her effort.

They got a nice ribbon for their effort, as well as a free ice cream cone and free pizza at Monicals. Next year when they aren't the smallest kids in their age group, we'll see what happens!

Back to more rides while we waited for the adult portion of the contest. The motorcycles were a big hit.

I think the Wiggly Worm was my favorite. Not only was the name fun but the ride seemed to have just the right level of excitement. Plus when I look at these pictures and a giant bird is photo bombing every one of them, it cracks me up! Sara kept lifting her hand as quick as she could to wave.

Finally, it was time for Shannon's pedal tractor pull. Check out this homemade masterpiece!

The first heat had 120 pounds on the sled. If he made it the full 40', he would advance to the next heat and 40 more pounds would be added to the sled each heat.

A handful of guys made it to the third heat, with 200 pounds on the sled! It was no easy task and Shannon came in 3rd place out of about 10 guys that started.

Adam really wanted to get his hands on this tractor instead of the little green one! It was really awesome - the steering wheel turned both the front and back tires at the same time.

The last ride of the day before it rained was the antique cars.

Corn dogs, hot dogs, tenderloin, hamburger, pulled pork on a baked potato, chocolate cherry cupcake, cherry pie, cherry cheesecake, and funnel cake. We had an awesome time--see you next year!

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