Monday, June 10, 2013


At the end of last week, the weather was perfect to pack a picnic lunch and go for our first-ever hike! The kids were super excited when I woke them that morning and told them what I had planned for the day.

I love it when I see sweet moments of the kids loving on each other without prompting. I can't imagine how much fun it must be to have a twin to share life with each and every day.

I thought Forest Park Nature Center would be perfect for our first hike. Short trails in case the kids got tired. It started out easy and we were able to talk about staying on the paths and not touching things around them to be respectful.

Gradually it started to get a little more difficult. They thought it was a neat little adventure.

After a long climb we had to stop for a snack and a drink of water.

We found this neat tree that had been uprooted but Adam was a little scared to go any closer to it.

Because of the record-setting rain there were areas that were treacherous. One of the bridges in the park had been washed away and some of the steps had a lot of erosion around them, making them very steep. Sara especially wanted me to hold her hand during this part of the hike.

After our hike we found a great picnic table nestled in the trees and enjoyed our lunch. They kept saying "I had a great time, mom! Did you have a great time?"

It's been a long time but years ago it was one of my favorite things to steal away and go for hikes by myself. For some reason, spending time in nature always helped me process things and feel more alive. I am excited that we can start sharing that together as a family!

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