Friday, June 14, 2013


I saw on my friend's facebook page that he was in his field planting today. Adam has been obsessed with seeing all the tractors in the fields by our house lately and I thought he would love a chance to climb in the driver's seat.

Shannon came home from work early and we grabbed DQ dinner in the car on the way to find Sean. Adam was just cracking us up when he said "I can't wait to go farming. I'm not quite skilled at it yet, though, so I need some practice."

Sean was just finishing up one field and told us to meet him just down the road. Off we went to get in the car.

We caught up with him and they climbed in.

It really was quite beautiful as they drove off. I can see how people love farming.

While they were tractoring around the field and learning about the GPS system, I walked down the road and took in the beautiful scenery around me.

A little ways down the road I found a pasture with some horses in it.

When Sara had enough of the tractor, she enjoyed watching the horses with me, too.

Both the kids had a super fun time on our spontaneous little adventure.

Adam just couldn't stop talking about it the whole way home.

He even thought he should call Grandpa and tell him all about it. I have never heard Adam so engaged on the phone for so long. I bet they talked for 15 minutes. Adam told him about the GPS system and how Sean pushed buttons to make the tractor drive by itself.

He told Grandpa about how it was a tractor with a covered cab but it was still really dusty. And they were planting soy beans. And Grandpa should come visit so they could farm together. Usually when Adam is on the phone, he gets distracted with everything around him and it's just a few minutes of conversation before he says bye, hands you the phone, and runs off to play. But tonight, Grandpa got the pleasure of one long-winded boy!

Sara was a total chatter box on the way home, too. She had some get well cards that people had made her for Boston and was pretending they were a story that she was going to read. We were supposed to pick which one we wanted her to read as she read off the titles...
"Winnie Pooh and Piglet"
"Horsie Hey Little Neigh"
And my personal favorite "Once Upon a Time There Was a Boy With No Hair!"

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