Thursday, May 23, 2013

First dentist appointment

I have been wanting to take the kids to the dentist for about a year. I know, sounds crazy that something can be put off that long. It was last August when all the medical issues started with Sara...and then Adam. Emotionally I felt like I couldn't process anything else during that time. Once we hit a few months break from that I finally made the appointment.

I really liked the office. It was super kid-friendly with things to do.

And they were very welcoming to us as new patients!

Sara, as usual, was a total rock star. She climbed right in the chair and started talking to the nurse. She asked for an Ariel toothbrush which the nurse had to search for. No problems with x-rays, no issues with getting her teeth cleaned. The dentist was able to tell already from her x-rays that she will need braces. Her mouth is very tiny and her baby teeth are close together. You can see the adult teeth waiting to come in already crowded and slightly overlapped. No cavities.

As for Adam, he tends to be a bit more nervous about new things, especially medical related. Can you tell by this picture with a forced smile?

He didn't like getting the x-rays and having to put the little square in his mouth that was the film. He absolutely hated getting his teeth cleaned. He didn't like the "whirly" toothbrush or the stuff they used to clean them with. He kept moaning and wanting her to stop. We held hands and I told him to squeeze which seemed to help. He has one questionable spot on a tooth that they are going to watch to see if it develops into a cavity.

Sara wrote her name on the chalkboard on the way out. They each left with a bag of goodies - Adam got a red car and Sara some bubbles to go along with their new toothbrushes, toothpaste, sand timer, and dinosaur floss wands. Since we have well water, she also wants us to buy some water with fluoride for the kids to drink sometimes. Toothpaste with flouride helps the teeth that are already in. But drinking fluoride helps the teeth that aren't in yet.

On our way out a woman in the waiting room asked if the kids were twins. Wearing my PMOT shirt that said "TWINS" across the front I affirmed her guess. She said "they are so adorable!" Adam replied "Thank you" and the woman said "Wow, polite too!" Adam responded "Of course I am!"

They were very excited tonight about using their new toothpaste and learning to spit!

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