Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday

Up until yesterday morning we still didn't know what we were buying the kids for their birthday presents. One shared gift, two gifts, something small, something big. Thankfully, it all came together.

Shannon and I both worked partial days. Once the kids were up from afternoon nap, we headed to the hospital for our tradition of taking Cookie Shack cookies to the NICU staff as a thank you. We almost had a giant snafu when I learned that the Cookie Shack relocated and is taking pre-orders only with no store front. What?! How could this be? I talked to her on the phone this morning and explained it was our tradition for 3 years. Can you believe she agreed to make 2 dozen cookies and meet us at the hospital at 4pm? Her kitchen isn't even open yet for the new direction the business is going. But out of the goodness of her heart, she blessed us. It is such a wonderful family that owns that business - check them out sometime!

The kids got stickers from the receptionist and they chatted for a bit. Then one of the ladies took their picture and it was so adorable. They put their arms around each other and leaned their heads in--so cute! Here is the thank you sign we attached to the cookie box. It's amazing how many of the staff still remember the kids and enjoy seeing them.

Next on the evening's plans was dinner at a restaurant, kids' choice. Sara asked me this morning if I had made her a cake. Sadly, I told her no, because I stayed up too late working on her present...but she could pick to go to a restaurant that had cake. She got excited--"I want to go to Olive Garden and have chocolate cake!" I told her if Adam thought that was a good idea, too, we could do that. She ran into their room and explained to Adam, who was still groggy from just waking up "Do you want to go to Olive Garden tonight for dinner and have chocolate cake?" He woke up in a hurry and said "YEAH!" Then came the countless times of asking "Mom, do we have to eat food or can we just have cake for dinner?"

Not only did they eat their individual chocolate desserts that were free but then Adam picked up a giant fork and started digging into the Black Tie Mousse Cake that Shannon and I were splitting. Using the reverse camera on my phone, he is trying to clean himself up!

Finally it was time to head home and get their presents. Can we have them right now? Why do we have to put our shoes back on? I thought you said they were small? Why do we need to put our coat on? Why are we going outside? She is sooo my daughter...

It was fun to see how excited they both were.

Sara rode her motorcycle to the end of the cul de sac and back, waving at various things along the way and telling me all about her motorcycle. Shannon and Adam headed to the swingset area to scoop mulch. Adam didn't need any training on how to operate any of the levers. He even figured out how to unlock the seat and arm for the backhoe!

We ended the evening flying the kites they got from Grandma Marilynn. They thought that was pretty cool.

They kept saying what a great day it is and how thankful they were for their presents.

I am feeling pretty thankful for the presents that God gave me, too. I have never known what it's like to just have one baby to give my attention to or speak in generalities--I am constantly calling them by name so they aren't confused who I am speaking to. It was the plan all along to have a heart with enough love for two at once. I can't imagine my life any different!

To my son - you amaze me every day with how your mind works. You will grow to be a problem solver, I am sure of it. But you also have a side of you that is so compassionate, sensitive, and loving. You bring me such joy. I pray that you will become a man of great strength, tender-hearted, and of solid character.

To my daughter - when I look in your eyes, I see me. You are such a listener, taking it all in with wisdom far beyond your years. Your giggle is absolutely infectious. Keep me young and carefree--I would dance with you in the restaurant bathroom when the music strikes you again and again! You were born with a natural sense of knowing how to nurture. I pray that you will grow to be a woman with amazing wisdom who speaks her heart and uses her gifts to bless others. These past 6 months I have seen you go through things that some adults would not be able to bear. Your strength and perseverance amazes me!

I love you both and am so proud to be your mom!


Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a great day. It sounds perfect. :)

Jenny said...

I've been absent for the blog for a while....but Happy Belated Birthday Adam and Sara!