Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finally...some good medical news

Let me rewind just a few days. Adam was scheduled for his post-surgical ultrasound last Friday. Sara's was supposed to be today but...the hospital tech actually extended a kind hand and did Sara's ultrasound while we were there Friday, too! Thanks!

After the ultrasound(s) we headed just down the road to the urologist's office. Hardly no wait and once we were in the room, he poked his head in and said "leave the kids here and come with me--I want to show you something." He pulled up Adam's ultrasound on the computer monitor and showed me a pre- and post-surgery shot. The dilation of his right kidney from the blockage was significantly less already. Initially the doctor said it could take up to a year for it to return completely to normal and it probably would never be 100%. We are well on our way down the healing path. In such a short time after surgery is very exciting. Another ultrasound in 3 months.

And then Miss Sara. He was a little concerned because both of her kidneys are dilated but then comparing the images to previous ones, they have been like that before. I asked if the 2 stones were still on the right and he said "they are all over." We also discussed the lab results from the stones she passed. I was told that they were infection stones, also called struvite. He said that was absolutely incorrect and the other doctor got the terminology confused. They are calcium phosphate, which means her pH is too high in her urine. All of her levels have come back fine, though, so that is another layer of confusion. The urologist wonders if the center of the stone was hard calcium phosphate and it was surrounded by soft struvite stone matter.

We got another x-ray today to have a comparison since she has been passing stones. The urologist called with the results--decreased calcification in BOTH kidneys! We thought originally the lithotripsy wasn't effective on the right but apparently it broke up the stones enough that they are passing, as well. Unless something major changes or she has a lot of pain, the urologist is going to leave her alone for a while.

This Thursday we have a visit with the nephrologist to check on her kidney function.

I think what I have learned is that I have to let go of the why's. Every appointment we have I learn that Sara is nothing like a textbook case. Her labs don't make sense with what is going on. Symptoms and levels of pain she has aren't common. A mixture of 2 different types of stones is rare. If the doctors are scratching their heads and have no answers, I need to just let go and stop pushing for an answer. She is who she is. God knows everything that is going on and I don't have to figure it out. I'm going to leave it in His hands. What I am going to do, though, is dance and celebrate!


Heather said...

Wonderful news!!!! It's about time you got some good news! :)

Jenny said...

Great News!