Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New car mat

My mom has wanted to buy Adam a mat to play with his cars on for quite a while but she has had a hard time finding just what she wanted. A few days ago we were at Menards and one caught her eye. She showed it to me and certainly wasn't sneaky about it so Adam was all over it. He convinced her it was perfect and helped load it in the cart.

Once we got home, we got it unrolled right away.

A hospital, a fire station, a police station, a burger joint, an airport, a construction site, a baseball diamond, a zoo, and of course a Menards!

Adam ran to get some cars right away.

I have been wanting Adam to have a spot for his cars, a corner of his own. We worked together to pick up a corner, position the mat just how he wanted it, and then we made parking spaces for his larger vehicles. My favorite part? I took a picture of how they were parked and hung it on the wall so he could have a clean up guide at the end of the day. So far his cars have gotten put away every night before bed and I haven't had to fight with him on where they go or help him make a spot. Tonight he was so excited and said "I did it all by myself!"

Since Adam got some tape from Menards, I let Sara pick out some fun tape, too. She decided to decorate a box to hold a dolly or stuffed animal with her new tape - penguins! Every time the kids see it they sing "Penguins, penguins, everywhere penguins!

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Jenny said...

Love the picture for clean up and the tape to make parking spaces! Might have to try that out:)